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Signature Fragrances

Our four best selling fragrances are available 365 days a year
HENRO Company After Hours Fragrance Illustration

Like kicking your shoes off after a long day and opening a bottle of wine; a sultry and moody scent made of evergreens, spice and fruit made to help you wind down.

After Hours

HENRO Company Cashmere Fragrance Illustration

Like snuggling up with a cozy blanket; a complex and rich blend of citrus, amber, jasmine, dark musk, vanilla and sandalwood essential oils made for a rainy day.


HENRO Company Vanilla Bean Fragrance Illustration

Like sitting in your favorite corner of your house, reading a classic novel and sipping on a hot cup of coffee; a cozy blend of vanilla beans with notes of sweet cream & musk made to feel warm and cozy.

Vanilla Bean

HENRO Company White Tea Fragrance Illustration

Like a spring day or brunch with an old friend; a luxurious blend of bergamot, mandarin, white tea, chrysanthemum, jasmine & ginger made to lighten the mood.

White Tea

Spring / Summer

HENRO Company Lavender Fields Fragrance Illustration

Like a moment of calm, or reading books before bed; a blend of lavender and white sage made to be a calm and clean part of your daily ritual.

Lavender Fields

HENRO Company Lemon Verbena Fragrance Illustration

Like a perfectly clean kitchen sink; a balanced blend of lemon, orange, lemongrass, primrose & musk made to celebrate your hard work.

Lemon Verbena

HENRO Company Magnolia and Peony Fragrance Illustration

Like the first sprouts of green after a long winter; scents of magnolia, peony, violet, and freesia flowers made to give you that spring in your step.

Magnolia + Peony

HENRO Company Spa Day Fragrance Illustration

Like a much needed day of relaxation; pairs linen and light florals, grounded by notes of sandalwood, eucalyptus & soft powder.

Spa Day

Fall / Winter

HENRO Company Autumn Orchard Fragrance Illustration

Like a fall day with more apples than you'd know what to do with. Freshly picked crisp McIntosh Apples made to bottle up your favorite fall memory.

Autumn Orchard

HENRO Company Blood Orange Fragrance Illustration

Like coming home to a clean house from your tropical vacation during the winter; orange, grapefruit, green leaves and cedar made for a warm welcome.

Blood Orange

HENRO Company Blue Spruce Fragrance Illustration

Like warming up in front of a fire after ice skating on the lake; a blend of fresh spruce, pine, cedar with a touch of cinnamon, cypress and moss made for silent nights.

Blue Spruce

HENRO Company Christmas Cabin Fragrance Illustration

Like a wood burning stove and a Christmas Martini; a blend of cinnamon & orange zest with cranberry and bayberry notes made for the night before Christmas.

Christmas Cabin

HENRO Company Fall Harvest Fragrance Illustration

Like a walk through the woods with crisp fallen leaves; citrus, chrysanthemum, apples, berries, spice, and cedarwood made to embrace the changing seasons.

Fall Harvest

HENRO Company Holly Berry Fragrance Illustration

Like listening to your favorite Christmas record and exchanging the first gift of the season; a stronger pine scent, bayberry, cinnamon, clove and lemon rinds made to be cozy and to lift your holiday spirits.

Holly Berry

HENRO Company Tree Farm Fragrance Illustration

Like visiting a Christmas Tree Farm; fresh trimmed pine scent with soft notes of eucalyptus and cedarwood made for admiring your freshly cut Christmas Tree.

Tree Farm